Our Membership plan

IMT Registration Fee

7 Days Plan
Rs.300(exclusive of all taxes)

Description of IMT Registration Fee

Welcome to India's Memory Test- 2023
Your Chance to Become a Memory Champion of India.

What are the steps to Register?

For Direct users-
Pay the IMT Registration Fee directly on the app by clicking the above-displayed banner or pressing the Pay IMT Fee button.

For Students Appearing via Schools-

1) If you registered via the registration link you received from your school then you will automatically enrolled into IMT since you already paid the Fee on the link received by your school. No need to pay any fee here on the app.

2) In case, you received a Coupon code instead of a registration link then apply the same code given to you at the time of IMT Payment on the app.

In case you are not enrolled directly or need any other kind of support you can directly reach us at support number 7240077077

What are the Steps to Follow After Registration?

Step 1) Complete the IMT Training- Double Your Memory Course. - The questions coming in the IMT - Level 1 will be asked from this course.

Step 2) Once the IMT Fee has been paid, the test will appear automatically in the IMT Test Section on the test date. You will get notified at least 5 days before the test date by the examination committee.

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All the students who want to participate in IMT need to pay the Registration Fee. Only those students will be able to participate who have successfully paid the test fee.

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